lifestyle sessions in your home

The best images I’ve ever captured are those where the kids are so focused on what they’re doing, so intent on the activity at hand, that they don’t even realize I’m there. I get the most natural moments that allow children’s personalities to really shine.

Think of how comfortable kids feel in their own home. No need to leave! I’ll come to you.

What exactly is a lifestyle session?

It’s you, authentically. Relaxed, and in your element. Traditional portrait sessions can be a bit structured, but lifestyle is much more casual. Don’t worry about how to pose. I’ll catch you at your best.

Who can I book a lifestyle session for?

They are ideal for babies, kids, and family members. (Pets are invited, too!)

What can we do during a lifestyle session?

  • Bake something. Flour. Messy hands. A miniature chef’s hat. Ending the session with milk and cookies.
  • Jump on the bed. A comfy outfit, laying on a big white comforter. A playful pillow fight.
  • Arts and crafts. Paint, glitter, scissors, paper. Let your imagination run wild.
  • Game day. Have a favorite board game? Maybe a puzzle? Let’s do it.
  • Build a fort. King-size sheets, twinkling lights.
  • Get your gardening done. Enjoy the sunshine, pick flowers, put on those gardening gloves and a wide brimmed hat.
  • Swim. Orange floats and goggles. I’m not afraid of splashes.
  • Play dress up. Think tutus and mama’s high heels.
  • Have another idea? I’m open to anything.

A little about my background:

I have a degree in Child Development and Education and have been an elementary school teacher. Over the past couple years, I’ve taken photos of babies and children ranging in age from 9 days to 12 years old. I am fascinated with the development of children and greatly enjoy documenting their physical and emotional growth. I find beauty and magic in each little human.

What’s the booking process like?

The first step is to send an email to and let me know you’re interested! I’ll guide you through everything from there.